In 2021, we saw Mental Health First Aid training start back up and some face to face counselling returned, but what do we know about how these services make a difference?  

Busier Than Ever on the Helpline

Our helpline received an 88% increase in calls in 2021, compared to the previous year. The good news is that 82% of those we received feedback from felt that the person taking their call listened effectively and was understanding.

Feedback also showed that providing support for families of people who are struggling is important. This is especially true for women. We want to encourage people to use our helpline when they are supporting or living with someone who is struggling, to help maintain their own good mental health.

‘I found it very easy to talk to a ‘neutral’ person which helped me clear the ‘mist’ & see a way forward rather than being stuck in ‘limbo’ & going nowhere.

A call to our helpline can give you fast track access to our fully funded counselling, 0300 323 0400.

Counselling is a Lifeline

YANA provided 299 counselling sessions in 2021 and counselled 33% more people, compared to the previous year. The busiest month for counselling was September, which may not be surprising considering the pig crisis emerged around this time.

Top 3 areas of improvement as a result of counselling with YANA are, mental health, relationships, & work.
Counselling feedback

Good newsafter counselling 96% felt better able to manage their problems.

This means people in agricultural and rural businesses are likely to be better able to:

  • go about their day to day life
  • think more clearly
  • better able to make decisions
  • have increased concentration levels, therefore less likely to have accidents.

Family and friends are a key place of support for many

80% of people reported this support helped them alongside counselling.

This is why we encourage as many people as possible to attend the Mental Health First Aid training. So more people know how to notice signs that someone may be struggling, have conversations, and help them to seek appropriate help.

Of course not everyone has family and friends, and this is why places such as our helpline are invaluable.

Everyone needs someone to talk to, which is why YANA is by your side, if and when you need us.

Benefits of being rooted in East Anglia

97% of people who received counselling strongly agreed their counsellor listened effectively, understood things from their point of view and fostered a safe and trusting environment.

Quote from a mental health first aider, who said, 'I talked through a situation with someone and signposted them to YANA. Feedback was that YANA gave an understanding others hadn't.'

This reflects our approach is the right one. We carefully select experienced counsellors who have an understanding of rural and local issues.

Our counsellors told us they feel valued by YANA and that counselling for YANA is a worthwhile use of their time.

We are ever thankful for their commitment to supporting the agricultural and rural businesses of East Anglia.

Mental Health First Aid training reduces stigma

After a break in delivering any training due to Covid-19, it was a delight to bring people back into the classroom.

With more awareness of the need for this training, we were able to train 75 people in 2021. So far this year we have already trained 32 more people.

93% of Mental Health First Aid trainees agreed their confidence and knowledge has continued to develop since completing the training,
Mental Health First Aiders feedback

Feedback has shown that 100% agreed the training plays an important role in reducing stigma by improving attitudes towards mental health, and building knowledge, and understanding.

Reducing stigma is important to help people feel more able to open up about their struggles and to access help, which can be life saving.

The ripple effect of one person being trained as a Mental Health First Aider

Fifteen people reported using the skills learnt around 96 times in the first six months, with 73% agreeing the training helped with their own, or their family’s, poor mental health.

‘As a farmer I am well aware of the stresses faced daily in the work place. Undertaking the MHFA training has equipped me with the confidence and resources to identify/help fellow workers, family & friends that may be experiencing problems with their mental health.’

With 201 people now trained, our long term ambition that the agricultural and rural business sector in East Anglia will become better able to look after itself is well underway, with many more set to join the YANA army. Find out more about the courses by clicking here.

YANA is by your side

Everyone playing a small role in sowing the seeds to better mental health means YANA is making a positive difference.

There may be many uncertainties and stressors in life right now, both in the world, in business, and agriculture but one thing remains constant, YANA is by your side.