Your toolbox isn’t only about the tools you need to do your job. Be it for gardening, animals, engineering, farming, or any other rural job. Your toolbox goes much wider than the practical tools used each day.

Tools that help in everyday life

We all learn different ways of coping with stressful situations and added pressures, but how often do we stop and think if they are helpful or unhelpful? Can you identify any you relate to and which are helpful or not?

Space for reflection

When you take time to think and reflect on your week, day, or month, you might be surprised at what comes to mind. Sometimes you have to look hard for the achievements, sometimes they come easily, but they are always there.

It can be easy for our minds to focus on the negative stuff, but celebrating, or at least acknowledging the good stuff and small achievements is important.


Being thankful is a powerful tool we can use to shift our brains out of an anxious state. When we reflect we often find things to be thankful for.

At times, life can seem so hard there is nothing obvious we want to be thankful about.

Using the tool of gratitude can help us to view things differently and can help us to connect with others, especially if we tell someone we are thankful for them or something they did.

Other tools available

In East Anglia there are three charities supporting the agricultural communities. These are YANA, FCN & RABI. This is your toolbox of support.

We know it can get confusing so we want to make sure people like you, know that we work together.

Why? So you can reach out with the confidence that you will be supported by the most suitable charity for your needs.

Sometimes we even support people together.

So don’t be unsure about who to call, please, if you need to, just get in touch with any one of us so we can help in the way you need it.

If you are struggling or concerned about someone our confidential helpline can be contacted on 0300 323 0400 or email