Many of our news items focus on people that have done amazing things for YANA, trained as Mental Health First Aiders, or attended events. We are very much all in it together.

100 Miles in 5 Days Walk

Generously Supported

Recently, two different fundraising activities took place for YANA.

Firstly, Luke Evans, with his brother and uncle walking 100 miles in 5 days.

Secondly, Richard Grant ran a continuous 1.8 mile loop around the village of Gayton from sunrise to sunset.

Sunrise to Sunset Challenge

All money raised is greatly appreciated, enabling us to continue providing vital support to our agricultural and rural communities.

Lessons for life

Important take-aways from these fundraisers can help us look after our mental health and that of others.

Success was strongly influenced by the support of others.

Supporting the walking trio
  • When one person was down, another stepped in and helped to get them through.
  • When the repetitiveness of the activity set in, someone reminded them to look at the bigger picture and find gratitude that spurred them on.
  • When the body and the mind felt like giving up, someone stepped in, to walk or run with them.

Without the support of family and friends, and strangers alike, these challenges would have been so much harder.

Supporting the 1.8-mile loop at Gayton

This is very much like our everyday lives. We need each other, to share our laughter, our tears, our fears, and our challenges. Our highs and lows can bring us together and spur us on.

Reach Out

Next time you are struggling, reach out. To someone you know or a helpline or support service.

Asking for help is a strength, so be brave and please remember to ask.

If you are concerned about someone offer a listening ear and always #AskTwice.

Check out this short video that explains empathy and remember the importance of connection, with people, or a pet.

Whether it is through work, at home, or a club. Being around others is a great way to support our health.

Our confidential helpline is available via phone 0300 323 0400 or email (leave a message and our team will call you back).