NewsYANA mental health support for sugar beet growers

Sugar beet sector strikes a beat for mental health support

“Talking about mental health is not, for many people, a subject they’re comfortable with”, so starts the article in the latest edition of the Sugar Beet Review magazine.

The magazine is sent to about 3000 growers across the sugar-beet growing area. Embedded alongside advice on how when to lift the 20/21 crop, soil management case studies and disease prevention advice sits a lovely one-page piece by Crop Production Manager Anthony Hagen and Sugar Beet Review Deputy Editor Claire Hargreaves.

British Sugar’s Anthony Hagen admits he went through a low period in his life. He is hugely grateful for the support of his family and friends. However, he wants to see more awareness of mental health issues and how to help in the workplace, particularly in agriculture.

The first step was to invite YANA’s patron Melinda Raker to give a presentation to the whole agriculture team. It was a session that inspired the audience and reassured them that YANA help is on hand when needed.

Next, the publishers of the magazine, BBRO and British Sugar, want to take their awareness-raising to the fields and teams that grow, harvest, transport and process this year’s UK sugar beet crop. In particular, it features the key message that it is important to Ask Twice to give another opportunity for the person you are concerned about to talk with you and express their feelings. It also signposts readers to our 7 Tractor Facts to save a life card which is available to order. Most of all, hopefully the article will encourage more conversations that help.