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As we start this new year, we have been delighted to hear of the challenges our friends and supporters are setting themselves. They do this not only to raise money for our much needed work, but also to raise awareness of mental health and the support YANA provides.

Setting ourselves challenges, no matter how big or small, can be good for us on many levels;

  • Benefits our physical & mental health
  • Creates enjoyment and laughter
  • Builds a sense of achievement
  • Provides us with meaning & purpose
  • Helps us to focus
  • Develops our abilities and mindsets
  • Connects us with others

If you’re craving more of any of these things, perhaps there is a challenge for you out there this year?

Sunrise to Sunset

Training in progress for the Sunrise to Sunset Run. That’s half a marathon done!

From our selection of some of this month’s news of fundraising for YANA you can see there is all sorts happening in all sorts of places and at many times of the day.

On the 16th April, Richard Grant has set himself a target of running 52 laps around the village of Gayton. That’s over 100 miles in approximately 14 hours.

As Richard tells us, “I want to help raise awareness of YANA by running the 1.8 mile loop of the village where I live as many times between sunrise and sunset as I can. I thought it would make a good mental challenge.

I wish to do this in memory of a good friend who sadly passed away a few years ago, but was given lots of support by YANA. I am looking forward to the SRTSS Challenge and seeing the support from our rural community!”.

Check out the fundraising page to show your support, and encourage Richard to achieve his target of 52 laps.

Trot On

The image shows Bethany with her dog and two horses
Bethany enjoying her dog and two horses

Between 3rd to 7th May, Bethany will be riding Peddars Way, Norfolk, on her horse, covering 54 miles in five days. Bethany explained that she chose this challenge for YANA because she “feel[s] that mental health is something we all need to be much more aware of.”

The elements and an animal really is a challenge as many of you will know.

We look forward to keeping up with Bethany’s progress.

Charity of the Year

YANA has been chosen by Westover Large Animal Vets as their charity of the year and are busy planning a range of activities and challenges. If we remember correctly, we think we heard sky-diving mentioned but we wait to hear if their ambitions go ‘sky high’.

Westover Large Animal Vets

“In our line of work we meet people of all of ages and backgrounds” explained the Westover Vets Directors. “We hope that, by showing our support for YANA, we can help dispel any stigma around seeking help for anyone experiencing poor mental health in farming and rural industries.”

Feeling Inspired?

We’re looking forward to following the progress of each of these events and personal challenges. Not to mention sharing news of other fundraising events planned.

Maybe you are feeling inspired to do something for yourself, and/or YANA? If you are, get in touch at, tell us your idea and let us support you to conquer your chosen challenge.