Lord-Lieutenant, Lady Clare Euston speaks to a guest and YANA's Chair of Trustees, Henry Kilvert
Lord-Lieutenant, Lady Clare Euston speaks to guests

You may often read or hear the term ‘You are not alone with YANA by your side’.

Two years ago trustees decided to host an event called Not Alone for the agricultural communities of Suffolk, to demonstrate exactly what that means.

After being cancelled at least twice, a sigh of relief was felt by all involved. The planning and preparations paid off.

Two years later the event was finally able to take place, along with the launch of a new video.

You ask why?

It was important for YANA to get to know the people of Suffolk and vice-versa.

Bruce Kerr, Suffolk Show Director stand on stage and tells the audience why YANA is so important to him.
Bruce Kerr, Suffolk Show Director tells the audience why YANA is so important to him.

Improving and sustaining good mental health involves everyone. It is about working together and doing the small things we can. That was a key message of the evening.

YANA in three minutes

Trustees had a vision to create a video that would clearly and quickly explain YANA. They were delighted to launch that video to our Not Alone audience.

A year of capturing the seasons, and getting the right voice and tone, meant the video arrived just in time.

But if we do say so ourselves, we think it was worth the wait.

Please do share the video with your networks, colleagues, family, and friends.

A room full of chatter

Melinda Raker, founder of YANA, and Matt Hubbard, Trustee talks with Jo Churchill, MP and DEFRA Minister
Not Alone guests and hosts enjoy the chance to chat

Local farmers, business people, gardeners, suppliers, volunteers, Jo Churchill, MP and DEFRA Minister, the Lord-Lieutenant, Lady Clare Euston, and many others who all have links to Suffolk were at the event.

The opportunity to get together.

To see people face to face.

To catch up on stories old and new.

Was not only good for our mental health, but led to new ideas arising too.

We look forward to bringing these to fruition.

A YANA leaflet

Don’t forget, you are not alone

Call our confidential helpline 0300 323 0400 if you are struggling or concerned about someone.

Email to discuss how we can help you to have a positive effect on mental health in agriculture and rural industries in East Anglia.