Thirteen guys with nothing to lose except their clothing stepped forward to create ‘Naked Truths’, the first and probably only Bateman calendar of its kind.

Charity calendar supports YANA

During one balmy Saturday in October, thirteen of Bateman’s finest assembled at the factory keen to strip off for a good cause, or in some cases just keen to strip off. With a nod, a wink, and a few excuse me’s each, Bateman’s would-be models stepped up, disrobed and smiled for the camera.

For every £15 donated you can receive your very own copy of this one-off calendar.

Behind the smiles there’s a serious message

Working in agriculture and the countryside can be a good way of life but it is a demanding and stressful occupation. So, it’s not surprising that many people involved with agriculture can feel isolated, depressed or unable to cope as well as normal.

With a 157% increase in the number of requests for help to YANA since 2021, there is a growing need for good help at the time it is needed, and with an understanding of agriculture.

For every £15 donated you can receive your very own copy of this one-off calendar.

A percentage of the proceeds will go towards funding our important work – providing confidential support and funded counselling, building understanding of mental health, investing in mental health first aid training and suicide prevention.

Why Naked Truths?

What better way to show that revealing all and getting naked can be okay. In the right environment, with the right people, at the right time.

At YANA we encourage people to talk, and importantly, to listen. Revealing what’s happening in our heads to trusted people can bring many benefits to our mental wellbeing and overall health.

Carl Goff, Bateman’s Technical Sales Manager covering Southern England, also known as ‘Mr January’ commented: “Farming is enjoyable but can be hard work and mentally draining at times. We want to raise awareness that there is support available, specifically for the farming community, and if this calendar helps one person find the help they need right now or in the future, then I feel it was definitely worth all the effort.”

Visit the Naked Truths Just Giving page for your copy.

YANA’s Charity Manager Emma Haley added: “We are delighted to join up with the team at Bateman’s to produce this calendar. Yes, it’s a fun calendar, but it models the importance of being vulnerable and bearing all, with people we trust, for the sake of looking after our mental health. The money raised will help provide funded counselling for people who are already struggling.”

For every £15 donated you can receive your very own copy of this one-off calendar.