Interactive Stress & Anxiety Workshop

YANA believes self awareness is a key starting point to improving mental health.

Developing the ability to recognise symptoms of stress, means it becomes possible to do something about it before becoming overwhelmed and less able to function well. 

By increasing our own self awareness, we are able to recognise in others’ signs they may be struggling.

Through case studies, delegates are able to practice and reflect on how to approach conversations with people they are concerned about.

This 1 hour workshop focuses on stress and anxiety as an introduction to mental health and self awareness. It is suitable for businesses, community groups, and clubs.

Developed by YANA and iMIND2 this workshop can be delivered onsite to a minimum of 8 delegates.

Courses are arranged upon request, please email

"Insightful, Educating and worthwhile. The whole course was at a level to  take in and understand."

See some of the outcomes from the Interactive Stress & Anxiety Workshop here.

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