Mental Health Training

YANA invests in mental health training for individuals and businesses in East Anglia who are involved with agriculture and rural businesses.

With three levels of training available, there is something for everyone.

Thanks to the many funders, donors, and fundraisers, we are able to provide funded places on much of the training we offer.

With training taking place throughout the year, we invite you to explore our courses and follow the links to find out more about booking or contact us to enquire directly.

“Thoroughly enjoyed learning. Course brilliant. I am so pleased I went and hope that all I learnt may be put in practice when needed. Have learnt to be so much more vigilant with other people.”

“Our instructor was compassionate and considered and made an overwhelming course easier to digest.”

Develop your understanding of mental health and the skills to have helpful conversations…

Mental Health First Aid Training

Just like physical first aiders, YANA believes having Mental Health First Aiders in workplaces and the community can play a pivotal role in helping to improve mental health, and prevent people from experiencing worsening mental health.

An in-depth course giving an understanding of specific mental health issues delivered over 2 days and accredited. It is delivered by experienced Mental Health First Aid England facilitators, each with their own experience and broader understanding of mental health.

Following the initial training YANA provides access to support for all Mental Health First Aiders we have trained so you can be confident you are not on your own with the new skills learnt.

Read more about the training, find course dates, and how to apply on our Mental Health First Aid Training page.

“The course was one of the best I have been on. Thank you for giving me the confidence and the skillset.”

Mental Health: The Essentials

YANA believes that everyone can benefit from learning about what affects our mental health, positively and negatively.

Developing an understanding of what we can control, and practical steps we can take to help us improve our mental health is important.

This 3.5 hour session will give you practical language and tools to help us all take care of our mental health in every day life.

Find more information about the course and how to get a place on our Essentials Training page.

“This was truly a great course and I wished I had this understanding two years ago.’”

Interactive Stress & Anxiety Workshop

YANA believes self awareness is a key starting point to improving mental health.

Developing the ability to recognise symptoms of stress, means it becomes possible to do something about it before becoming overwhelmed and less able to function well.

By increasing our own self awareness, we are able to recognise in others’ signs they may be struggling.

This 1 hour workshop focuses on stress and anxiety as an introduction to mental health and self awareness.

Read more about this training and how to attend on our Interactive Training page.

“Very informative and thought provoking.”