NewsYANA - Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health

YANA heralds the arrival of Spring 2021 with our new season campaign Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health in which farmers, drivers and machinery operators all over our rural regions are sticking up a YANA logo on windscreens, cab doors, trailer sides and more.

Endorsing YANA as a trusted source of mental health support

It’s said that we need to hear something endorsed three times to fix it in our memory as something of value. Why else do advertisers repeatedly tout their wares on TV, social media and billboards? YANA is no different. We need to be seen in places and at times that we can be of most use. That’s mainly on farms and in other rural businesses.  So, we turn to our rural communities to get stuck in to showing their endorsement of YANA and to stick up our YANA logo and offer of help.

Getting stuck in to stick up for better mental health

YANA - Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health
YANA – Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health

Within hours of announcing Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health, the images started to come in. Stone separators, vans, seed drills, load-all’s, trailers and cultivators can all be seen bearing the YANA stickers. The stickers – large and small – are available, for free, from YANA merchandise.

Just fill in the online form telling us what you need and in no time your stickers will be with you.

A big helping hand with all this came from the Norfolk and Suffolk branches of the Institute of Agricultural Secretaries and Administrators, IAgSA. The rural business administrators who keep the wheels turning in many rural offices in our region have asked to be sent packs of stickers, leaflets, and the 7 Tractor Facts to Save a Life to take to work with them onto every farm.

Prize for the best ‘Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health’ photo

Snapping a YANA sticker in situ is a sign of a good deed done. But potato machinery manufacturers Scanstone were so impressed with the idea when they stuck up their YANA stickers that they decided to sponsor a prize for the best photo of a sticker in position.

To see the results of our Stick Up for Better Rural Mental Health campaign, take a look at the photos being posted on Twitter, Facebook and, newest of all, on our Instagram page. Better still, look out for them in the landscape near you.