NewsYANA is hiring: new Charity Manager job

YANA is to hire a Charity Manager to lead the next phase of our work. This is the next important step for our organisation since becoming an independent charity.

Rural mental health support going from strength to strength

YANA’s reputation as a trusted source of rural mental health support is stronger than ever. We continue to attract excellent financial support from a wide base, ranging from national charities to local individuals. As a result, we can now start the next stage of our journey: to deliver even more, in line with our charitable objectives. 

YANA to step up a gear

Our work to date has relied heavily on our volunteers and, increasingly, our trustees, with the fantastic support of our administrator, Helen Bibby. YANA’s Trustees acknowledge that to meet all our current obligations and our plans in the pipeline we need a talented and ambitious Charity Manager to take on all these important and rewarding aspects of YANA’s activities. This is a salaried, permanent appointment and the Trustees are now working to find the right candidate. If you, or someone you know, is interested in the new role with YANA – and how to apply for the job of YANA Charity Manager – then here are further details about the work.

Evolving and prioritising

The practical reasons for the changes we are making are to enable us to enhance YANA’s day-to-day operation, free up time for the Trustees and also to reappraise the administrator’s responsibilities. In fact, work hitherto carried out by Helen will be incorporated into the role of the new Charity Manager appointment. To ensure a smooth transition,  Helen will help with the hand over before the administrator position ends.

New YANA Ambassador

YANA’s Trustees are delighted that Helen Bibby has agreed to remain active within YANA. In acknowledgement of her dedication to the charity over many years, the Trustees are appointing Helen as the newest YANA Ambassador. This is in recognition of the fact that without Helen’s hard work and enthusiasm YANA would not have achieved so much in such a short time and for that the Trustees and our supporters will always remain grateful.