YANA welcomes your help and fundraising

All of YANA’s work is funded by generous donations and powered by the energy of people who want to help with mental health issues.

Spread the word about YANA

Fundraise for YANA

Our fundraisers are amazing. They bake, bat, cycle, draw, perform, play, do press-up’s, raffle, run, sing, swim, walk and more. Or simply shake a bucket for YANA.

If you want to arrange an event in support of YANA then get in touch and follow these steps:

  • Contact us to be sent the YANA Fundraising Guidelines.
  • Tell us what you want to do and we’ll supply a logo to include on your publicity and at the event.
  • Ask us for copies of our leaflets, badges, suicide prevention cards to share.
  • Send us the details, your poster or a photo or two and we can publicise your event in our YANA events calendar and on our social media pages.
  • Use our page on JustGiving

Donate to YANA

The simplest way to donate to YANA is through JustGiving.

You can also make a donation by cheque. If appropriate please complete the Gift Aid form to accompany your donation. Make the cheque payable to YANA and send it to:

Norfolk Showground
Dereham Road

We thank you for wanting to make a donation to YANA.

Your help is appreciated

Your fundraising effort, donation and enthusiasm is much appreciated by YANA. You are helping to ensure that YANA continues to be here to help.

With the publicity and financial support generated by our fundraisers and supporters we have made great progress in reducing the stigma around talking about problems with mental health. If you have an idea you would like to feature in local or regional media then email us for help at admin@yanahelp.org.

None of us need fear starting conversations about mental health. After all, there is no health without mental health.

Thank you for being part of providing support and signposting appropriate help.