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Help for those in farming who may be affected by stress and depression.

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Concerned about someone?

What to do if you are worried about someone else

If someone close to you is showing signs of depression there are a number of things you can do to help:

If you think someone is in crisis and having suicidal thoughts,
please take action immediately.

A person could be at risk of taking their own life if they are very seriously depressed or if they are not necessarily depressed but are trying to cope with multiple serious life events e.g. a relationship has broken down, business problems and a bereavement.

Don't be afraid to make that call or raise your concerns:
Your actions could save a life


If a person in crisis owns a firearm you will no doubt be worried that taking steps to have it removed may get them into trouble, resulting in them having their firearms certificate removed and also that if you take steps to remove it there may be adverse implications for you.

There is a huge misconception that if you have suffered or are suffering from depression or stress, you will automatically be refused a shotgun or firearm certificate. The Norfolk Police advise that this is not the case. There are numerous certificate holders that have been treated for depression and stress related issues and yet still are granted a certificate.

For Norfolk and Suffolk: If you do remove someone's firearms, the Firearms Licensing Department should be contacted immediately so that arrangements can be made for the firearm to be handed into the police. In these circumstances the police will accept that you acted responsibly and will not consider any sanctions against you.

In any other circumstances or for general advice on removing firearms please contact the Joint Firearms Licensing Department on 01953 424141, by email - or alternatively contact the YANA helpline.

For an emergency situation involving a firearm,
you should ring the police on 101 or 999