Funding for counselling

Being able to talk with a professional counsellor, who understands the pressures of life and work in farming and other RURAL businesses, can be a huge comfort and support.

You can access a professional counsellor in the following ways:

  • On the recommendation of your doctor.
  • Via the YANA helpline (for those in East Anglia).
  • Through the counsellors professional websites listed on our Additional Help page.

YANA-funded counselling sessions

If you live in East Anglia, YANA can fund up to 9 sessions with a professionally qualified counsellor. The funding offer is not means-tested and YANA does not need to know your name.

The only requirement to be eligible for YANA-funded counselling sessions is that the applicant must be involved in farming, agriculture, horticulture, or rural businesses in there broadest sense.

For example, this is being a farmer, farming family member, farm worker, member of Young Farmers, contractor, agricultural merchant, farm service provider or in another rural business.