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There is no doubt the heart of YANA is found in Norfolk – the birthplace of the charity for which we will always hold a special place.

An East Anglian Charity

As we grow into new parts of East Anglia we have been mindful of looking after our roots in Norfolk and Suffolk, in order to develop strong branches into Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Suffolk Show 2022

Attending the South Suffolk Show, the Suffolk Show, and then the Royal Norfolk Show, helped us do just that.

Connecting with our communities

With a new YANA gazebo we were able to remind everyone that we are very much still here. Talking to new people and old friends alike was a much needed breath of fresh air.

Working with individuals and organisations, at events, with training, through fundraising, and other initiatives, we continue to let as many people as possible know that good help is available.

A message that is very much needed, as we continue to experience the ups and downs of current times.

Perhaps the challenges we face point us to the importance of celebrating the ups, and staying connected through the downs.

YANA helps

Mental Health First Aiders complete their training.

Our confidential helpline is one way we help people to talk with no judgement. So far this year we have already received an increase of 61% more calls than last year. 

Our Mental Health First Aid training is another way we help people to talk. 

Building confidence about having conversations and equipping people with tools to support others. A further 45 people are now out and about, ready to talk and use these skills in everyday situations.

Connecting with your community

We all need healthy roots, so we can thrive and improve our mental and physical health. Talking and finding connection is just one of the many ways we can do this.

So, for yourself or the other person, who are you going to check in with today?