Brothers Luke and Alex Evans, along with their uncle, Colin Bartl, walked over 100 miles in 5 days. Aiming to raise awareness of mental health and encourage people to walk and talk.

An understanding of mental health issues

Luke, Alex and Colin

Luke explained why they set upon this challenge.

“We as a family have felt the effects of losing someone to suicide. We wanted to raise money for charities that can help other people avoid this loss or support other families dealing with the after-effects of losing someone to suicide.

We all live in the countryside and it’s quite evident that suicide is a growing problem, especially within the farming community so we thought YANA would be a great charity to support along with PAPYRUS.”

Overcoming the challenge

  • At low points they found motivation in each other which kept them going.
  • Family and friends provided encouragement as they joined in parts of the walk.
  • Seeing how much money had been raised each day really helped keep everyone going.

Reaching the finish line

At the finish line with friends and family

Luke told us reaching the end of the challenge “was a great feeling. We actually completed the 100 miles just before we hit our finish line, so it was nice to walk the last few hundred steps knowing we had achieved what we set out to do. “

“Being surrounded by friends and family who were really supportive, confirmed exactly why we’d decided to take on this challenge in the first place.”

Supporting and talking

An amazing example of how important other people are in our ups and downs of life. For too many, there are times when people simply could not go on if it were not for the people around them.

Reminding us to reach out to each other and talk. Whether we are feeling down and struggling or concerned about someone. Talking really can save lives.

Good help is available thanks to people like Luke, Alex and Colin who raise vital funds for our important charities.

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